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What movies have the most teen sex or nudity that are not comedies?
I recently saw wicked with Julia Stiles who seduces her own father.
the film 1995 film, "Kids" received a an NC-17 rating in part due to the sexually explicit material. as for movies with teenagers and nudity, you are not gonna see a lot of movies which features age (less than 18) in movies.
Movies have teen nudity?
pls recommend any good titles that have good teen nudity
How can SoulCalibur IV have "partial nudity" and still be "Teen"..?
I know I saw it online as Mature the other day; why is it Teen now?

I also thought I saw Battlefield: Bad Company as Mature a few days ago, but I'm not positive of that.
Probably because most teens see partial, if not full, nudity regularly. I do not think it is something beyond us that someone can be partially nude, nor do I think it should be limited off and harder to buy for gamers because of something so trivial as partial nudity.
What is an 80's teen summer camp movie with a bunch of gratuitous nudity?
i believe its a strange title and the random nudity begins almost at the very beginning. theres also a fat, nerdy type guy in the midst of the jock and cheerleader characters.
might be Meatballs starring bill murray
you can check it out on imdb.
or the new to dvd Return to sleepaway camp, you can get them at blockbuster , hollywood video or ebay.
What is a funny teen movie that shows so much nudity & sex that it's kinda like a soft porno?
They don't make soft porno movies for teens. Even all the American Pie films had, I think R ratings with all the T-n-A they showed.
Europe has very relaxed attitudes to nudity but America has far more abortions and teen pregnancies. Why?
America is almost obsessively anti-nudity, even to the extent of making public nudity illegal in some places, and yet they have many times higher rates of teenage pregnancy and abortions than European countries in which public nudity is common and unremarkable - On beaches, in spas, even in public parks.

Why is this?
you answered your own question. thats why. just like places that have no drinking age, or a much lower one have less alcohol related fatalities in car crashes.

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