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All Comments

What is your opinion on teen nude modeling?
Do you agree with it if their 18 or over, or do you think it's trashy?

Thanks =P
It's up to each one of us to decide for herself. If a girl over 18 wants to do nude modelling, that's her choice. Who are we to call her trashy.
None nude/teen/pre teen models illegal to look at in canada?
What are the laws on looking at NONE NUDE TEEN/PRETEEN models in canada is it illegal to look at , if you dont know about them theyre girls younger than 18 dressed in bikkinis only serious answers plz , i just dont want the fbi showing up to my door so i want to know is it legal or illegal
If you can see it on a public beach then it's not illegal.
Where can I find the nude pictures of Sanda Orlow (Sandra Model) after she turned 18?
Where can I find the nude pictures of Sandra Orlow (Sandra Teen Model)? The ones she did after she turned 18, of course.
The Internet.
Is Non-Nude Teen Modelling porn or not?
I think it is but some people think its not. Its exploiting guys FFS!
The porn industry is so vast these days, so accepted, that its definition is distorted so bad we can't tell where it begins and ends anymore. Our standards of decency are virtually gone. If you ask most teenagers today what the term "Decadence" is they most likely won't know.

Sex sells and everyone is buying it. The line between what is "Modeling" and "Porn" is pretty thin.

We are most defiantly slouching towards Gomorrah.
What is with the pre-teen model stuff.?
I see on the internet there are these pre-teen model sites, which have very suggestive poses which makes me sick, i did a little searching and found lots of them, how the HELL is this legal? even if they arent nude this isent right and should be illegal...
I thought it was illegal.
I guess crooked companys will bend the law as far as they can without breaking it to make a buck
Is it legal to look at pre teen models online?
I'm a teen female, and i want to be a model, i look online at pre teen females modeling in bikini's Is this legal? they're not nude so i wouldn't think it would matter, just checking?
There's nothing wrong with it as long as these models are clothed, i personally think its wrong that teens are a loud to model in bikini's. Are you really male like the other answers have said? that's not right
Do you find it depressing that 50% of teen girls consider Abi Titmuss a good role model?
63% of teen girls would rather be a 'glamour' (means topless in the UK) model than a teacher or doctor.

25% would like to be a lap dancer.

About 50% consider Abi Titmuss a role model (most famous for sex vidoes and nude modelling), while only 9% chose JK Rowling (Harry Potter):
Yes I do.
What a society we have created for the youth.

What kind of society rewards getting them out/off with fame and fortune?
Everyday we are bombarded with images of plastic, inflated self -mutilating Barbies who can´t string a sentence together, yet we hang on their every word.

Disagree with Dave.
A few generations ago it wasn´t the norm to mutilate your body and it wasn´t easy to make millions out of being famous for nothing.

No Dave.
When I talk about mutilating your body I mean artificially inflating your mammary glands.
What is the law on sending FW messages of adult nude models to other parties such as other adults or teens?
a friend of mine FW an adult nude model picture to a minor on her phone by accident and now she is afraid she's afraid she will get in trouble...
If the minor of her parents complain, yes. Never send nude photos over the net. If you wouldn't want your grandmother to see it don't send it!
Can anyone tell me the ups and downs of being a model & if the following is acceptable...?
i am 13 years old, turning 14 in 7 months. i REALY want to be a model! whether it's teen modeling, half nude, lingerie, ANYTHING. i have taken almost every sport so my body is fit for it. I am 120 pounds, i am 5'2" and my back sorta arches. i am pale and have dark brown hair & eyes. i want to get a nose job, and maybe breast implants if i DID become a model. would i be able to get this stuff done if i were a model?
i have written a whole list of things i want to fix. models, models-in training, please help.
It takes a lot to become a model! It actually cost money to try out.
I have had people from model agency's ask me to be one.
I turn them down
because they always want you to be super skinny and make you loose a lot of weight.
19 year old son lloking at pre-teens and wierd porn on the web, nothing illegal but I'm concerned?
I loaded a spyware program to my sons computer, he's 19 going on 20. Last night he was gone, so for the first time in a few months I decided to check and see what he has been up to. What I found was very concerning and I want to deal with it now!

Naturally there was the normal porn an nude photos, I expected this. But then later in the evening about 3 am he started doing google searches for "pre-teen models, pre-teen nudes, on so on. The sites he went to mostly showed young girls dressed in adult clothing with no nudity. It is discusting. So much so that when I was done I was sick to my stomach. We all know why these sites are there.

Being the father that I am, how should I deal with this? He obviously has issues. Technically, by reading what I have about the law, he did nothing illegal, but he was looking for very wierd stuff. Maybe he was curious, maybe my son is a freak, I don't know. I am at a loss here and trembling with anger and fear. What would you do?
first of all..he is almost 20 years old
you have NO right to load a spyware on his computer and see what he is doing, he may be in your house but that is definetly invasion of privacy, way beyond going through is room..he is an adult whether you can admit that or not
Not only is he an adult, but a guy as well..so he is going to look at porn and like you said yourself he didnt do anything illegal
so you want to know what i would do?
NOTHING because he didnt do anything wrong
and take a good look at myself and feel awful and guilty for snooping through my adult sons private things.

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