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Why am I attracted to older Asian women?
I'm a 25 year old white male. I'm attracted very much to older women in general, but especially older Asian women (30-50 years old).

Why do you think this is?
You know what? I love Asian men too. I'm Russian.but you shouldn't. Only russian people can love Asians. Here's an idea. Go get a rubber duck,wash your little Caucasian body with your poop. Go die your hair purple and then give your grandpa your most famous sponge bath you prick. Wish you make me mad. God your so naked.
Why do older Asian men seem to always walk with their hands behind their back?
It's something I, and a lot of people seem to notice for many years. I don't ever recall older men of other nationalities doing it, but almost everytime I see an elderly, or even late middle age Asian man walking down the street, in a mall, wherever, more often than not they have their hands behind their back, and I was just wondering if it's a cultural thing, or if there is a specific reason?
They influence each other...
I used to make fun of it myself haha and I'm friggin Chinese.
Why do older asian men dye their beard orange?
We were in B'ham UK over new year, and noticed the older generation of (muslim?) men had dyed their beards red/orange! What is this about?
There are two types of henna. One for the body, used as a temporary decoration. The other for hair.

They are both very healthy and the hair benefits lots from it. I used it before getting married and not only did it look awesome, but my hair was much healthier for a while! Since my hair is dark, it didn't color it, rather gave some shine or like light highlights, or whatever you wanna call it.

There are also lots of different colors of henna, depending on the plant and if anything else is mixed with it. They range from that bright orange you saw, to brown, to black (which is common for the body henna).

On old hair, or gray the henna shows stronger because the hair already lost it's color and rather absorbs the color of the henna.

BTW, it isn't just men that use it, but you can't really see the women's hair can you, lol. They get it most beautifully done and only their beloved get to see it ;) ! It's not related to any race either, but it's common also with the Indian/Pakistan cultures as with the Saudi Arabians. It's common with the Muslims because it's considered sunnah. An extra deed that is good for you, and gives you good deeds for following the way of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

EDIT; for BRUCE C, muslim men wash their beards each time they make wudu. (act of purifying oneself before praying and read the Qur'an with water). Please before posting any non-accurate info, research first. Their beards are much cleaner than you think.
How do Older Asian Americans feel about black people?
I ask this because I am talking to this Korean guy right now. We haven't fully stated that we are actually dating yet. We are just taking things slow right now, but the reason I ask this is because I know his parents are really strict. They still have a lot of input in his life even though he is 20 and in college. If/when I go meet his parents for the first time will they think I'm a bad choice for their son since I am black?
By Asians you mean Far East Asians (Orientals) right? Well most of them see themselves as "white" and pursue "whiteness" like a crackhead pursues crack.
I am a 27 years old asian girl. My parents think girls older than 25 and not married is garbage.?
I got high education and good salary. I am happy being single. However, my parents opinion keeps bugging me.
have your own life , and let others say !!
Why was it so important to have male guyren in older asian cultures?
what societal struggles came along with female guyren ?
Because having a son is seen as honorable. They are expected to carry on the family name. Males are also seen as being able to contribute to society better since they hold all the jobs and positions of power in a patriarchal society.
Why is it not ok for older Asian males to go to community college but for everyone else it's aok even if?
they're older and unemployed too?
A good amount of Asians go to community college and transfer to a higher ranked school.
Why do white girls look older than asian girls even though their are the same age?
I have to admit, most of them do look younger, but its just because of the genetics. You see, I'm 15 but people have said I look 11, 12, and 13, depends on how I dress and look, which bugs me a lot but what can I do, ya know.
Do older Asian men hate black guys?
I'm married to an Asian women and her father hates me. She says all older Asian men hate black people, is that really true?
I too have heard this is true. But I young. I no care about the colors of people. I tink I heared mainly Korean and black for some reason.
Peace, Brother.
Older asian actresses for cast?
I have a school project where I have to cast the mothers from the Joy luck Club. And I'm having a hard time finding older asian actresses. I can't use the orginal people from the Joy Luck club so..that sucks haha. Help maybe? I have 1, I just need 3 more.
Nancy Kwan

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