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Can you help me find the perfect French Maid outfit?
Hello. I've tried to find on the net a good latex/pvc french maid outfit. Something that would be classy and kinky. So far, I didn't manage to find a satisfying one.
Can you help? THANKS in advance (to those who won't insult me for this question ;)
Try the Ann Summers website, they should have something that is classy and not too slutty! I think it is!

Otherwise there are loads of other sites that should be able to provide you with this, I bet if you run a search on google, you'll find something!
Maid fuku, Maido clothes japanese maid uniforms help!?
To those who know about japanese maid cafes,
I need your help!
For halloween I wanted to be a japanese maid, but the only costumes i've been finding are slutty latex french maid dresses.
i found an awesome website that had exactly what I was looking for, except you can't buy the outfits from there, which sucks!
Here's he website to give you an idea of what I'm looking for:…
Whoever finds the awesomest one gets 10 points.
try… There are some general catagories, it might help if you can think of an anime character who wears what your looking for. Hope this helps.
Maid fuku, maid costume, moe and more?
hey i'm rather obsessed with maido and maid cafes and such.
to anyone that lives in japan, how come you can simply buy maid costumes off the street but i google search for 3 days and i can't find a single maid costume? i really really want one. and not one of those fake, latex french maid costumes for halloween. is there a website that sells them directly from japan or another art of asia?
i really appreciate the effort, and also i tried to explain to my mom that maid cafes dont have sexual undertones but then her malaysian co-worker said they do, is it true?
♡Take a look here at this site:…
It's a Japanese company.…
You might find something you like here.
~☆I think the Maid Cafes here in Japan are more about 'fantasy' than anything else.
Just my opinion though.
Hope the site helps!♡
*I live in Tokyo, by the way.
Witch condoms are safer against STD natural latex or synthetic latex
are durex and trojan condoms maid from natural or synthetic latex?
dude.... very important Q. The important thing is the fit. get both and try them out your self. more likely that they can slip off due to pre-seepage. Little trick to try... little obsorbant tissue paper on the tip before rolling down, then always lube... always have it ready at hand un wrapped under pillow, or by the bed. ONly thing I can say... might be best to avoid "made in china"... we are not talking 'non-gen' car parts here!
Safe sex rocks... herpes and alamony... :-(
Gemma Chan's (Charlotte) latex dresses in Secret Diary of A Call Girl?
I was wondering if anyone knew where they're actually purchased from, I think they're all so cute. Especially the maids one, and the pink one, she wore a couple of episodes ago.
Well, it was shot in London, UK right?

There are about 10 places that sell latex there...

I think the top three are:
(If these top two did not make, it they will probably know.)

Top 5 latex designer.…

Designed and made in back of the store... (It around the side, in an ally, behind another adust store...)…

While a great store and a top brand, the store staff does not seem into the design end...…
I've been offered a job cleaning?
BUT I have to do it in ann summers clothes (maid, latex etc). The guy said he had lots of "customers" but didn't say what business he was in. I asked him if he was a brothel or sex shop and he said no..

Would you do it for £15ph plus travel expenses and sexy uniform?
Personally, I would.
However, what you need to think about is whether you will feel comfortable doing this, which you seem to be.
The wage is very good, just make sure you feel secure with this man and your surroundings - that's the only thing you need to consider.
Where do I go from here?
I spent this past weekend as my new Domme's student submissive. We had attended a costume party where I went as Bo Peep and the next night I was her date for her cousins wedding where I had agreed to wear a small collar with a name tag on it. It went rather well despite being humiliated at times. However I found myself almost constantly aroused. She now wishes me to serve as her maid at a cocktail party. I am told it's a few of her BDSM friends are also attending. I've seen the uniform and it's latex and I am told I will have to meet straight friends who are not into this. Also told prepared to learn my place. Anyone in the BDSM community have any hints of what she means? I know this isn't a great question but I am nervous and my mind is racing.
Your place?

As a slave - you will do what you are told regardless of what it is. No questions, no backtalk. No matter how humiliating.

What happened - your account get closed off? This is just like a question that was asked last week.

EDIT : Here is last weeks question. Do you think the answers are going to be different?;…
Redundant redundancies?
1. The state of being redundant.
2. A superfluity; an excess.
3. Unnecessary repetition.

why say it twice?

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And then there are oxymoron's such as good lawyer or bad sex.
Can you explain my essay mistakes and can you rate it as bad, average, good or excellent.?
Maniam is working as a rubber taper. Maniam's parents were dead after they met a car accident. After that, she lived in orphanage home. As the latter was not educated well, she was bound to choose rubber taping as her career. She will be busy all the day. Working as a rubber taper is a very difficult and unrewarding job.
Maniam wakes up early in the morning around 3.00 am. she gets ready to start the day. Before she goes to work, she will have her breakfast. After she arrives at the factory, she reports for duty and takes equipments needed for rubber taping.
Then, she goes to the rubber taping spot. The spot will be dark and quiet. Next, she cleans up the old cups attached trees. After that, she cuts a strip of bark from trunk. After a couple of seconds, the sap or latex starts to flow into the cups.
While that, she takes a short rest. She eats snacks which she brought from home. After collecting the latex, she pours it into pails. She carries it back to the factory. There it will be measured and recorded. Maniam will be not paid much.
She decides to have a new job. She wanted to be a gardener. Her wish came true after a man employed her as his house maid and gardener. She worked happily. She was honest, hardworking, and pleasant to her boss.
The sentences are so short! And in the end you suddenly wrote in past
Does anyone have wedding decoration ideas with out using tape, tacks etc.?
I'm the maid of honor for my sister's wedding, and the reception hall she's rented does not allow you to attach anything to the walls. (No tape, tacks, pins, etc.) We are trying to think of some ideas for decorations around the room other than balloons (our brother is allergic to latex and we can't find any mylar or plastic balloons that would make this look more like a wedding than a birthday party.) that's easy on the budget. We have the table settings already figured out, we were just trying to get some ideas on what to put around the room, since we can't hang anything from the walls. All ideas are welcome. Thanks!
How about some big potted plants decorated with white lights? I don't know if Target still sells them but they use to have nice sized potted plants that weren't to expensive. You could also get white branches in vases if the plants are out of the question.

I agree about the balloons, too junior prom.

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