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Are there group showers in the all male dorm rooms at colleges?
Are there really group showers (like at a gym) in the all male dorm room buildings? If so, is it weird to shower with your friends or people you know and see them naked?
Every college I've ever seen has bathrooms that have shower stalls in them. It's similar to toilet stalls - you'd have a separate, private space within a larger room to shower in. No one would see you while you showered. There's a curtain or a door you close across the entrance to the stall.

The only time I've ever seen group showers at a college is in a gym, and even there, at most colleges, it's shower stalls with privacy.
Showering in public group showers?
I might be going to a college that has open group showers. I think people are way too squeamish and uptight about nudity, so I like the idea of group showers, and I'm not afraid just of being naked in front of others. But I am wondering about two things:
1. How are you supposed to wash/dry your genitals? I'm a little self-conscious about soaping up my crotch and drying my *** crack in front of everyone. Is there some kind of etiquette or do you just do whatever you do at home?
2. What are you supposed to do when you're on your period? I usually don't wear any kind of product when I'm in the shower at home, but I kind of think the other washers would not appreciate having to walk through my blood.

Thanks everybody!
Oh just don't worry about other people seriously
Just take your shower like you would at home and don't be emberessed
Just take your shower like you would at home and get it over with and go back to your dorm
And as for the period issue... just let the water clean it up it won't be that noticible
And to wash your privates and butt just wash them as you would at home
Ignore other people they shouldn't be staring anyways
And to dry just do it how ever you feel comftorable drying yourself in fron of people
Take care and good luck
What college did you go to and what was the showering situation?
I'm curious as to what types of schools have what types of situations. Like group showers, curtains etc. etc.
Some schools have private showers that are shared between only 4 students. That's the way it is with all of the dorms on my campus.
Do you think showering should be required in middle school/high school pe?
i would like to open up a boarding school in the next 10 years, i don't know what our pe curriculum should be. my personal preference would be to require group showering, but i think it might attract people away. what do you think?
We have to shower after gym at my school, and it's no big deal. I have friends who go to other schools where no one showers, and they say they can't imagine having to shower in front of other guys. But I tell them that you get totally used to it after like 2 minutes - if that. Then it's not a big deal. Everyone else is naked too. Everyone else has the same thing. What's the problem?
How do I contain myself in the group shower after basketball practice?
After every basketball practice, my team showers together and seeing all my teammates nude really turns me on. I get hard and feel like jacking off. Seeing them completely naked totally arouses me and I don't know how to contain my homosexual urges. Please help me if you can.
think about girls
Where you uncomfortable with the "group shower" thing?
I was in sports a couple years ago and one of the many reasons I gave it up was because of the group shower thing. It made me super uncomfortable...I don't even like using public bathrooms! I like privacy!
What about you?
Same here. I hated that stuff. My nudity is something only I should be seeing! lol

Privacy brings me peace of mind for some reason xD

Do guys get boners in group showers?
I have to ask if adult men are showering together in the military do they get boners in the shower, or does that mean they're gay?
No not usually, an erection in the shower doesn't make you Gay.
Using tampons while showering in a group situation?
i'll be wearing tampons for the first time and i'll be showering in a group for a few days in community showers, so we have to wear our bathing suits. (all girls though;))
do you suggest not wearing anything with your bathing suit and just putting protection on afterwards or wearing a tampon in the shower?
i was thinking wearing a tampon in the if i do,
when i change from my clothes into my suit, should i put a new tampon in?
and if so, should i take that tampon out AFTER i shower? does it get full by getting wet from the shower?
cause i want to try avoiding the tampons unless i really like them since im wearing them for the first time tomorrow. im really only trying one cause im going to a water park next friday so just incase i still have my period..i need to wear one.
so..yeah should i even bother wearing one to shower in my suit? and at what times should i change it cause most girls will have to change in front of others since its a community shower and about 20 girls and just a few stalls..
You shouldn't really wear a tampon unless you're on your period. But it is a good idea to practice. You should wear it in the shower, the water might not fill it but it may cause it to expand a little. It depends what you are doing afterwards, for example if you are swimming you should leave it in and change it when you leave the water, but if not you may want to switch to a pad, if you don't feel right with a tampon. Change it in the toilet though, not in the shower in front of the others.

Hope I helped in some way...
In high school, when you do sports, do you have to do a group shower?
in san antonio,tx. cuz sometimes after gym you have to group shower in high school and i wanted to know if thats true.
depends on how your school's shower/changing room is set up, i know at my high school there were seperate shower stalls in some of the rooms but i believe we also had group showers tehre too
Baby Shower Group Gift Reasonable Price?
I just join a company for two weeks, and receive an email to invite a group of people (including me) to attend a baby shower party. It's welcomed to join the group gift too. I don't know the person just had a baby, actually, I am not that familiar with most of my colleagues. I don't want to look like rude or to be like an outsider, how much should I contribute for the group gift?
$10 -$20 and it is the polite thing to will be with these people and developing relationships with them as your time at the office progresses. You don't want to get started on the wrong foot. And, who knows, you may actually become close to these people. You may even get to know them better by attending the shower. So, contribute to the cause and try to have a positive outlook on things.

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