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Gay men????
what do you think of gay men who wear make up because they like it. or gay men that have a purse. this is not for me I don't care about what others think I do what I like. So don't answer telling me to do it if I like it or don't do ok.
whatever floats their boat
Gay men...???????????
This question is for gay males. I'm a 110% straight male and have zero problem with the gay community. But, I was just curious as to why you prefer a man to a women? What do men have to offer that women don't (this is not a set up for a joke lol)? Do you like boobs at all? Just curious! Again I'm not in anyway putting the gay community down, just curious questions. Why a man and why not a women?
It's really just a force of nature; it's who we are and how it works. It's pretty much the same with straight people, you know, why do you like boobs and vagina, etc.? It's because you are attracted to that sex. Gay people are just attracted to the same sex, we cannot feel anything sexual for the opposite sex and we can't really help it. If it was a choice, i think many gay people will choose to be straight. Anyways, men are just attractive to me, their smile, eyes, manliness, mannerisms are all turn ons.
Gay Men...........................…
Why do most gay men talk funny?
i do not talk funny poof face
Why do gay men on average have better looking bodies than straight men?
I notice a bigger percentage of gay men have six packs than straight men. Is it because gay men a little more feminine and care more about the way how they look? I'm gay myself and I don't mean to generalize or offend anyone.
Straight men have more things to do, then play pretend. They also have families, and is unable to dedicate there lives to looking good. Many homosexuals being smart will avoid labor at all causes.
This is why, most older men will look like trash after awhile. They are pulling from there time for others. While homosexuals are just playing pretend.
Do gay men date masculine men because it's the closest they can get to having a str8t boyfriend?
If so, that's a little self-hating and sad how we live in a society where straight men are considered more desirable. I, however, am a proud feminine gay male who ONLY dates other feminine gay males. Other gay men ought to follow my example.
each to their own, i say.
Why are gay men attracted to men who dress as women?
Im a very liberal person on gay rights and marriage but what i dont understand is why gay men are attracted to men in drag if they like men. Wouldnt the very qualities of a woman not attract you?

This my sound very ignorant but id love to get an answer.
Men who dress as women are still men. Therefore, some gay men are attracted to them. Some gay men like masculine men, some like feminine men, some like men who are in-between, and some men like 2 or more of those categories.

Note that throughout this response, I am assuming the asker is specifically not referring to transwomen, since she/he/ze seems like the kind of person who knows the difference between a transwoman and a man in drag.
How do gay men act towards other guys | The same way straight men act towards women, or not?
How do gay / bisexual men act towards other guys that they are in to? Are they like possessive, extra nice, touchy, etc. ?

How do gay / bisexual men act differently from straight men?
The way someone acts toward somebody that they are attracted to has little to nothing to do with sexual orientation, people are people no matter orientation they are.
there are guys that are shy and there are guys that are not. Some people would take a chance and ask the other out on a date some wont cause they are scared and/or nervous. It's the same for Straight guys as it is for gay guys in that respect. The one difference is a lot of times you can't tell if the guy is gay or not, and therefore hitting on them will have consequences whether they are good or bad depends on who the guy in question is.
What is it what females like about gay men?
I once read a question here on yahoo which was titled 'Gay men, don't you think you belong to us' or something else like that. Since I am not gay, I did not post an answer to it. But that girl's question raised another question in my head: What is it what women like about gay men? What do heterosexual women miss about heterosexual men which however can be found in gay men? What can or should heterosexual men learn from gay men to be what women wish them to be?
They are cool, and have great fashion tips! ^_^
Why is the percentage of obesity among gay men is lower than in straight men?
And gay men on average have better looking bodies than straight men. Is it because gay men are more likely to care about their health and looks? I am gay myself so I'm not trying to offend anyone.
Because men are all visual. Women let men go to **** and they still love them. Men however will dump his *** if he gets podgy.
Why do gay men decide what looks good on straight women?
It seems like a conflict of interest, at best. How do they know what makes a woman appealing to men? Wouldn't it seem more logical if straight men designed women's clothing, and women, or gay men, designed men's clothing?
I realize that clothing is not just for attracting the opposite sex, but it is definitely one of the ingredients.
If the clothes appeal to a woman, then she'll feel good wearing them. No more - no less - and no matter who the designer is.

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