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DO you think diaper punishment for teens is effective?
its for a psych paper.
okay I'm going to need more explanation on this one.

They would just take it off, therefor it would be ineffective.
Punishment for teens?
my parents tried many things like diaper punishment and bear butt spanking and a paddle with a wooden spoon on butt which was also bear.
Well if your butt was bear all the fur shouldn't have helped protect you from your crazy parents.
Do you think putting teens in diapers is an effective punishment?
also some teens like it, i find this humiliating because i need to wear diapers to bed for mdical reasons, and it is not a punishment and it does not turn me on. but i guess some people are like that! what do you think???
I have never heard of this form of punishment..and I could not imagine tt a teenager would allow this to happen. This seems very cruel and could really hurt someones self esteem
Would you ever use diaper discipline on your guys or teens?
Personally I would never force this punishment on any human. But there are a lot of people that do and will. I feel very sorry for those people. What do you think?

If you don't know what diaper punishment / discipline go to the site below to be shocked or amazed.

No, that's just stupid.

Would you ever use diaper / Nappy discipline on your guys or teens?
Personally I would never force this punishment on any human. But there are a lot of people that do and will. I feel very sorry for those people. What do you think?

If you don't know what diaper punishment / discipline go to the site below to be shocked or amazed.

No, thats beyond evil! It happened to me when i was younger, my 10 year old brother is incontinent (Wears diapers for it) and its really degrading for him, you shouldnt even force a guy to wear diapers if they wet the bed, not if they dont want to.
Suitable punishment for teen daughter?
My 14 year old daughter keeps stealing pointless things around the house or hiding them I think shes attention seeking. She even through all here baby brothers diapers out one of the large packs saying he can learn to use the toilet and I don't know what that's about because she can talk she still wets the bed occasionally even at 14 even though not as often as she used to. She shows no respect to me at all.
It sounds like to me that she has her own issues that need to be addressed, especially with you. Maybe she misses her time with you. It doesn't sound like she is completely defiant as it sounds like any attention from you is good. Maybe you need to set a time when its just mother and daughter time. Maybe some counselling with both of you. I believe there is deeper issues than you may realize.
What is a good punishment to give a teen?
My teen daughter is a mess i swear. she was raised to get whatever she wnated and she has. She was raised with money and eveyrthing. She was adopted and has straight As is popular and always seems happy.
But I learned that she is severly underweight and was diagnosed as being anorexic
I came into her room the other day and she was on her computer wearing just a diaper. A DIAPER! and sucking a pacifier. i turned her around and slapped her and started yellling. thats when i noticed her thighs were covered with cuts and the word fat. I told her to take her diaper off and take a shower and to find me all of her baby supplies. I waited for an hour and when I came back she was in the same spot she had been in and she was crying still sucking her pacifier.
what is wrong with her??
hah funny trolls(: this made studying for finals so much better(:
My parents made me wear a diaper?
i wet the bed two weeks ago. no big deal, but my parents thought it was. they found out and then when i got back from school they bought me diapers. they said that i had to wear them to bed for 7 day and if i didn't pee in them over the 7 day i wouldn't have to wear them anymore. 6 days went by and i stayed dry.but on the 7th i peed in them. now i am stuck in them until i stop, but i've been wetting the bed since (wetting the diaper). but after i wet the bed for a week straight they made me wear them everywhere even school.

my older brother and sister always make fun of me, so i tell my parents but they do nothing, they just say then you should stop wetting the bed it's not there problem your a teen aged baby.

1. they won't bring to the doctors.

2.i don't drink water 3 hours before bed time.

any suggestions on how to stop wetting the bed ?

don't say call guy service, because i think it is an ok punishment for being a bed wetter.


3. i use the washroom before bed ever night.
If you are thirst, then drink something. You don't want to get dehydrated, or a weather type injury.
It's very good to wear protection at night, but not as a punishment for bed wetting.
I hope that makes sense.
Save the pits thought it was me?
her answer to my question: I assume you were using your phone so much you probably already have a brain tumor, were texting during dinner and your grades were tanking because you needed to be up on the school gossip? Well, then they were possibly saving your future by taking away that phone. If they destroyed it I would assume they've talked to you about this before and given you several chances to clean up your act, correct? Gosh, this drives me crazy. I'm not old enough to have a guy outta diapers never mind a teen so I know how it feels to be one and I'll tell you this much- if you follow the rules life is much easier. Sure, you don't get to do everything you ever wanted to but that's what college is for and by then you've hopefully learned enough from your PARENTS that you'll make good decisions like say, not staying up all night texting and instead getting a good night's rest for your midterm in the morning.
As for the money, well, I think they do whether or not it's "right" but I will also take a stab at this one too. So, after they took away and destroyed your phone they took your money away so you couldn't be irresponsible and buy a new one? They wanted to make sure you didn't blow your cash and find a way around your punishment? They probably put it somewhere in a college/house/car fund that you'll get when you show that you're responsible or when they get so sick of having you around the house that they kick you out into an apartment.

Grow up and deal with life. Your parents aren't going anywhere anytime soon and it sounds like they actually give a darn what you do with your life. Learn something from it.
it was not me i was talking about. i was talking about my friend. who's parents have a histpry of neglecting and abusing her. and no, they did not put the money somewhere safe. thay gave it to her brother. $100 was given to her brother. HER well earned $100. so, now you can tell me that what the parents were doing were for her good. i think you have no answer...
Soooooo Long. Sorry I Haven't got the time.
Does this go under severe?
Around a half hour ago, my friend dared me to go on a chat site and pretend that I was being put in diapers for a punishment. I did so. I was talking with 2 people for about 5 min, when a little notice appered on my screen saying I was banned for atleast 24 hours.if it was severe, they would be in contact with local law enforcement agencies. do you think they will call the police for me? do you think the police will come. it was the teen chat room on chat avenue
We all do dumb things, guess this was one. Sometimes we don't think before we act, human nature. Just stay off the sight for 24 hrs. Its not the world is going to end. Even if they do call the police, the worse that could happen would be a lecture of what you should and should not do. I would exspect yopu won't be doing this again. Theres a lesson with every foolish thing we do. Don't be to hard on yourself it was harmless and silly.

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