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How can you trust a college girl who parties all the time but claims to have not had sex?
Honestly, I don't know what to believe. Any party I've been to in college was just everybody getting drunk, it wasn't like people were having sex on the couch and all that like you'd see in a porno. But, I wonder sometimes when you see girls slip away with some guys. I think if a girl wants sex in college, she can get in whenever she desires, because every guy wants to. So if a girl is at every party anyone can possibly hear about in college, how can anybody be sure if she's clean? Her word doesn't really count, because I could go bang a few prostitues, come back, and say nothing happened. And if the guys she gets in bed with keep quiet about it, then who knows?

I kind of have an uneasy distrust for women because my mom cheated on my dad very often beore they got divorced, and still to this day she has a new date every week. So when I see these wild party girls, I can't really believe they're clean.
Well, if she's really a part animal like it sounds and you see her slipping away with guys, then you have every right to believe she's not clean, because she probably isn't.

It's actually a strange psychological study that says guys fall in love with their mother. That's not to say literally, but rather a woman he's unrelated to but has a lot of behavorisms similar to that of his mother. It's really weird. I think that Sigmund Freud guy came up with that. But, that might explain why you seem to be attracted to these wild party girls, because you mom sounds like a club rat. Sorry.

Truth is, there are other girls out there that are really nice and beautiful that aren't untrustworthy club rats. If you think for one minute this college girl in question is getting around wih guys, then you're probably right. If she was clean, you wouldn't have such a hard time figuring it out.
How to talk to girls at college parties?
Okay so I'm a freshman in college and new to the whole party scene. Every party I've been to so far I talk to girls but I can never get them interested enough to where they're all over me. How can I do this? I'm also getting really tired of being cock blocked by other dudes at parties.
You'll catch on with experience, those guys who are c*** blocking you are probably older, upperclassmen who've had more time to figure things out then you. The key thing is not to be overly interested. Girls at those parties know that most of the guys there are probably creeps looking to get you it sounds like.

Be genuine and you will have much more luck, most chicks can see right past "hey girl, what's your name?" and hear the "hey girl, how long will I have to talk to you before you'll get naked?" that you really mean.

FYI: this isn't the movies and if you have to ask this question then you will *never* have "girls all over [you]", ever. So don't expect that and you'll at least get one or two to give you their number.
How can i get a girl at a college party (im a junior in HS)?
I might be goin to my friends college this weekend. I will probably go to a few parties and i want to meet a girl and have some fun. Im a junior in highschool. So what im askin is how could i get a girl. Hit me up with some info.
hahah good luck.
i wouldnt be looking at a boy if he was still in hs and i was in college :]
Would a college party girl date a decent, smart guy?
I don't really prefer party girls, but there is nothing else where I live. If I want a girl, I have no choice. I am nothing like the guys they run into at parties. I am 22, work full-time and care for my sick mother, don't drink, dress classy and am very smart. Would any college girls want someone like me?
yes you have a chance and i wish you the best at that party girls are going to realize sometime that you are the kind of guy they need and like on the inside. You sound great to me!
How to approach girls at college parties?
I should be going to a frat party tommorow (my first college party). How should I approach girls? Should I wait until there is eye contact or should I go up to her with an interesting comment/question?
Pull out your wang, do a cartwheel and yell "LET'S PARTY!!!"
How to get girls at college frat parties?
So Im going to a my college frat party tonight and want some tips. I want to get a girl at the party and make out with them/ go further. Its part of the college experience and im ready to party so dont give me answers like a parent.
Girls are looking to get it in at those types of parties. Just dance with them and show them what you're packing and I'm sure things will go your way.
How to approach girls at college frat parties?
I should be going to a frat party tommorow (my first college party). How should I approach girls? Should I wait until there is eye contact or should I go up to her with an interesting comment/question?
Get drunk. The rest comes naturally.
Should i tell girls at college parties my real age?
i'm 27 but i can easily pass for 21, so if a chick i'm trying to get with asks will it hurt my chances of hooking up if i say i'm 27
in other words, what % of college girls would you say may not feel comfortable hooking up with a 27 year old? most girls do find me attractive but i'm just wondering if this might be an instant turnoff for some?
Why are you going to college parties anyway? If you ask me its a little creepy that a guy who should be 5 years out of college is attending college parties
How do you meet new people/girls in college parties?
It feels like you need to drink to have a fun time...I don't like doing that.

How do I meet new people in college parties? I'm just a freshman, so everything is kinda new to me. It feels like everyone already knows each other and I'm all alone in parties...I don't really like the group I go with from my dorm because I think they're lame.

go up to a girl and tell she has the privlage of having sex with you if you laid you get respet if she kicks you in the balls you get some laughs from your friends lol good luck

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