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Is there that much of a difference between black sex and white sex?
Ladies if you have been with both black and white guys is there so much of a difference in how we deal with you. This is based on an average of course each guy has his own style but is there as a whole any real difference. Or is it just hear say?
never slept with a white guy but i dont think there would be much difference
I am a white woman having sex with a black man and he doesn't want to be exclusive anymore?
All he says is "You love my black dick and you love sucking my black dick". We have great sex but he is can be verbally abusive. I worry about him finding someone else, because the sex is so good and he thinks he is a big shot. He can be kind and loving but doesn't stay that way for long. Please help me and don't be mean or sarcastic. My self-esteem is in the gutter. Why would a man treat a woman this way. Is it the black and white stuff?
Ummmm WTF? why would you even associate with someone who talks to you like this? i think before anything you need to do some serious soul searching and figure out WHY you have such low self esteem and fix it

and this guy is a jerk! you deserve SO much better and don't ever let yourself forget that
Why do white guys like to watch white women have sex with black guys?
white men are the largest buyers of interracial pr0n with white girls black men, why?
Because they freaky like that? Or maybe because they have the cash and don't have to get bootleg porn from the barbershop? I dunno. One can only wonder.
Why do white guys enjoy seeing black guys having sex with white women?
I noticed this type of pornography gets high views on porn sites.
In rare cases, they even hire a black guy to have sex with their wife!
Just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else.
Which woman better in sex black or white and why .please take my question seriously.?
I do study concerning sex and the effects of race in this case.
can u change ur nickname cuz thats my initials and i dont want my idiot friends who recently discovered the site to think that you're me
If a white woman has sex with a black man doesn't that make her not racist?
I have alot of white female friends that have had sex with black guys. I feel that this makes them automatically not racist even though they got older and married white men. Wouldn't you agree? I think giving your body to someone regardless of race shows a lack of boundaries or stipulations.
Sex is not much about 'giving your body'. It is more about taking someone elses body. I don't think it says one way or another whether they are racist because they could still be racists even though they are turned on by black guys, or they may not be.

Also the sex may not be 'regardless of race'. It may be precisely because of race. They may actually prefer sex with black guys or want to test to find out.
What if a biracial woman (half/black-half/white) had sex with a white man, what would the baby look likes?
this biracial woman (half/black-half/white) had sex with this white man and now she is pregnant with a boy:
it alll depends. im italian with fair - tan fiance is mexican with brown skin...our daughter looks 100% mexican..with dark brown hair.
Do white men and black men view sex differently?
It seems that in literature, songs, movies and pornography (all of which can be biased), black men have more of a desire to dominate women and walk away while white men are "wimpier" and can become clingy. Black men seem to view women as objects more than white men as well. This really isn't meant to be an attack or racist, I just wanted some opinions. I understand it ultimately comes down to the individual.
Yes! Culturally speaking, black men view sex and women very different from white men. One must remember that blacks originated from Africa which is a Eastern culture. Eastern cultures view women as objects, servants, slaves. In fact, many African cultures believe in female mutilation and they cut out some of the woman's God given sex organs in order to keep her subservient and degraded. African girls are often married at extremely young ages, even before they reach sexual maturity. The men have more than one wife, and the women have no rights. Although blacks came to the West as a result of slavery, black people have retained many of their African roots and beliefs, and this is what you see been reflected in the media. It's sad, but true.

As for white men, I'm on the outside looking in, but it seems that they have more respect for their women because their women have more respect for themselves. While I do believe that white women believe in respecting their men, they don't put their men on pedestals the way black women do. Many of the rights that I enjoy as a woman in America came because some white woman stood up and fought against some sort of sexist injustice. My basic point: the white community puts its women on a pedestal. The white community has treated her in such a way that men from other races fantasize about her because she represents a status symbol/ trophy/prize.

However, the black community puts its men on a pedestal. That's why more and more black men refuse to work and depend on the female to support them, among other atrocities that I won't list here.

Of course, not all black men do this. There are some black men who strive to be faithful to their wives, contribute to their families and community, and are hard working and law abiding. Unfortunately, those black men are few and far between.
Do black women have a higher sex drive than white women?
I'm asking because on a different question, someone mentioned that men always fantasise about doing the "nasty" with black women. I can understand that because I think black women ooze sex appeal and usually people with a high sex drive ooze sex appeal...something to do with the pheromones I think.
And in my experience, black men are way more sexual than white men...they too just ooze sex appeal.
Just wondering if anyone has an opinion or knows any facts regarding this?
No.. but some of them are possibly more uninhibited than white women I've noticed.

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