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All Comments

Are there any BLACK PARENTS who ARE against spanking?
Why are you against spanking

Im just wondering how many Black People out there don't believe in spanking?

What is your method of discipline? How did you decide to not spank?

When I was growing up, I got whooped. Kids today are worse than I was when I was little.

I am a Black Man and I believe in spanking. I don't have guys either.
Please don't have guys, I am a black-american woman and I NEVER touched my guys BECAUSE ITS WRONG AND MESSES THEM UP, ITS NOT EFFECTIVE.

Nobody in this day in age does that anymore especially not to guyren over age 5 and over, they are way too old for that.
When did black guyren stop getting spanking commonly?
Not saying some dont anymore just not as common as it was when your parents were growing up.I like watching Tyler Perry Madeas movies where he is potraying a 1970's black parent where there was alot of spankings compared to now.Young parents born after 1980 I think are spoiling their guyren too much.
our guys still do get spanked
How long have black people spanked guyren?
Wen did black people start spanking thier guyren?
How long have you been an idiot?
Do Oedipus NeoCons dream of Hillary dressed in Black Leather spanking them for rejecting the Constitution?

Please madam H don't hurt me.... I will not defame the Constitution again.


OK OK I think you look hot in a pants suit
I am going to vomit !!!
That is gross!!!
Why do Black people believe in spanking so much?
I think it is a big culture difference.

I am Black and am in the minority with my beliefs on discipline with

I took lot's of human development classes in college and am aware that some African American studies show that African-American guyren respond to and process spankings differently from Caucasian - American guyren. to each his own, but I am so tired of the African-American community judging me for not spanking. Even the comics on BET have so many jokes about kicking your guy's ***. All jokes aside, I think it is abusive. They curse at their guys a lot also.
Do you notice the same? ( I know this is a generalization - I do not mean ALL African-Americans) Is this mentality wrong? What can we do to change it.
This isn't a racist statement. But its not just a black thing. latino, asian, and many white parents do this also. Groups that traditionally make less money are more likely to do this.

I see what you're saying but there is a fine line between spankings and guy abuse. My parents never slapped me across the face or anything but a lot of families take it to far. Also a lot of parents do this instead of showing their guys they love them.

Overall I would say spanking works if you do it correctly.
Spanking differences between blacks and whites?
Stereotypically, most of the black people on Yahoo Answers claim to have been spanked or "whooped" as guys, and many of them believe that white guys aren't spanked enough. So, my question is, who on here is the exact opposite? Are there any black guys who have NEVER been spanked? Are there any white guys who think they have been or are spanked more often than black guys? I'd like to hear your opinion.
The majority of US parents, whether they're black or white, have always spanked their guyren and still do. I think I did read in an article once that slightly more blacks approved of corporal punishment, but the majority of whites still did too.
Are most spanking parents in the US mostly white and black, very seldom Hispanic or Asian?
Spankings and other authoritarian parenting styles seem non-existent within most Hispanic and Asian groups, or at the most, where English is not their first language.
What? Where did you get this intelligent, well researched information from? OMG!!

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