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Small Niples vs big nipple which men prefer or does it matter?
I am a little person with big breast but my nipples are very very small. Do men like small or big nipple nipples. I am 3ft 71/2inch and porional.
well sally. I'm a person with honest answers. I don't care what a person looks like on the inside or outside. I don't really care for a fact if a girl is smaller, bigger, fatter or skinnier than me. I'm only interested in personality. I'm not saying that I have big or small nipples, I'm saying that I am who I am and I'm proud of it and I only care for a woman for personality and how she thinks of me.
Has anyone used a regular nipple on a playtex drop in bottle. The natural latch is too big for my daughter.?
My daughter was completely bottle fed so she does not use the big nipple and needs a small one like Dr. Brown's natural bottle because cleaning Dr. Browns is a hassle.
My playtex starter set had several diff shaped nipples that I haven't seen in stores, maybe their website. One was small.
I am 13 years old and i have a big nipple. can it be cured?
My nipple has a big bump under it and it makes my nipple stick out. Is there something wrong? Did i do anything that would cause it.
I'm 14 and have it too, don't sweat it. Its the rapid change in hormones and for some reason it causes lumps under your nipples, lol I know it sounds stupid but its true. Lots of people get it. So don't worry, it will go away in a few months.
Does nipple size have anything to do with how big your boobs will be?
someone told that that if you have big nipples, you are going to have big boobs. i was skeptical, so why not ask?
No it's not true. You can have big nipples and small breasts. You can also have small nipples and big breasts.
Where can I get a sippy cup with a big nipple?
I saw a little girl with a sippy cup. It had a large nipple on it. It looked like the adult sized nuk, but im not sure. It looked as if it were hard. Does anyone know what it is called or where i can get one? I don't want the nuk cause i don't really want a "nipple". My son doesn't drink from bottles anymore but this was a sippy cup thing. id like to get him one.
Walmart. I believe you are referring to a NUBY sippy cup.
There are different styles - I've attached a pic of one below.
Do you think an areola/nipple the size of the bottom of a soda can is too big?
I've always had big nipples, now that I'm older and have gained a little weight they are more proportionate because I have Cs. When I was growing up I had small Bs and it was torture. I even remember one guy I made out with telling the whole school that my nipples took up my entire boob.

How big is too big?
do your babies complain? that's all that maters, they are the for that reason, not for men's happiness.
Do you need big nipples to get nipple piercings?
i'm a guy and i want a nipple piercing, but my nipples are kind of small. will i not be able to get one? don't comment on how gross they are because i honestly couldn't care less.
depends on what size nail or stapler gun they use :)
How big is too big when it comes to nipple size?
How do you know your nipples are too big?
There really isn't a 'too big'. I've been with girls with all sizes, and they're all good in their own ways. Trust me that a lot of guys actually prefer larger nipples.

I'm happy to look at a pic in a non-pervy way if you're old enough.
Why does my Breast itch and my nipple become big and my breast hurts alot and my nipple gets white discharge?
My breast Hurts alot and white discharge comes out of my nipple, sometimes a little of blood comes out.
My breast becomes hard as balloon and my nipple itches alot.
Call a doctor.
I think my nipples are too big. What is the normal size of a nipple?
Im kind of self conscious about my nipples, all the guys seem to want to look at my breasts but im afraid that they are all going to laugh at me..i even measured them. My right nipple is slightly bigger than a peperoni and my left one is exactly the size of a nickle. Is that abnormal.Some one help me please.
I had the same problem. Cause guys would want to see mine and I was to afraid to show them. So, I looked up on yahoo answers and it's totally normal. Most guys like them big because little ones look like guy nipples. So be happy with what you have I know I am. :)

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