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How to get rid of a big fat ***!?
okey so i am thin but i have a big *** for my thin body...
how can i shrink the size of it...
i heard that there are kinds of food i should and shouldn't eat ... and that will do it ...
i do exercise so don't tell me to do squats and lunges ...
thanks in advance
you cant target fat loss but you CAN somewhat control the size & shape of the muscles- so, do squats w/ no weights, lunges are good, run & bike & do lots of stretching exercises (like pilates or ballet) to lengthen the muscles-
also eat a lean diet of grilled chicken/fish, plenty of fruits/veggies & whole grains. get the refined sugar & refined flour products out of your diet ie: table sugar, any corn syrup, white bread, white tortillas, white potatoes, white pasta, white rice...
also drink plenty of water- these diet disciplines are SO important because they affect the lymphatic system; which can show bloating & cellulite esp on the butt/thigh areas of women if you dont eat correctly- good luck
I am such a big fat ***!?
today, i was doing pretty well in terms of eating and exercise-i ate well and burned off 2000 calories, but then i splurged and binged on 5 cookies, 2 pieces of cake and 2 cupcakes-i quickly went back to the gym and burned 400 cals on the elliptical trainer-am i going to get fat? i am such a big stupid 5''5, 120 lb fat ***!!!
First of all, STOP being so hard on yourself...5"5 and 120 ib is not at all fat! I have been dealing with weight issues all my life, I weight alot more than you, and I am shorter than you! Your feelings towards your body seem to be really stressing you out, and that is not healthy, mentally or physically! Maybe you need to talk to someone about how you feel...I bet you are really critical of how you look, you should be proud that you exercise, lots of folks don't do enough of that..but it's not really beneficial to diet all day and then binge later on...why not concentrate on just eating healthy all day, and try not to be so strict with your eating and then you will be less likely to binge...also going all day being underfed is probably really tough on your nerves and energy level...just take care of yourself and be good to yourself, you are nowhere near fat!
Calling All Girls With A Big Fat ***?
Okay, so I am 5'8 1/2, I am not super skinny but not fat white girl and I have a HUGE ***. I mean really. I get called Kim Kardashian all the time. In gym class 2 days ago, I was running laps and all these guys behind me were like whistling and saying things like "damn girl, shake that thing!" And today at a football game I was just walking by these guys and one of the was like "damn, you got a fine ***." I used to just laugh and I actually kind of liked it. See, I'm not too big on top (if you know what I mean) so I kinda liked that at least I had something. But in the past week it's been getting annoying. Anyone else have this problem?
yes had and still have.

take it as a compliment, but don't let them go far.

when i was in high school they use to dedicate that song "baby got back" to be and call me bubbles.

I'm thin, according to ppl but I have a fat/big ***, why is that?
hi, I'm 16 and I'm 5'9/125lbs which is apparently pretty thin being that I have a medium figure. my question is why is my buttox so big compared to the rest of my body? btw I'm male wtf
It will even out in time, as long as you dont stunt it by smoking pot.
Ive got a big fat *** and its heriditary cos both my mom's and dad's side have... is there any chance that i c?
c its such a big issue cos my *** is creating lotta probs.. i cant wear jeans or any tight pants :( pls help me out :(
??? confusing much
I have a big, fat, ***!?
My *** is like twice the size of people my build! wtf?!

It's been like that since young, and it grows exponentially along with my fat increment.

I don't think it's cellulite because it's not dimpled or stretched or anything like that.

The most important thing is, it's embarassing and makes dressing up an extreme challenge!

Anyone has any ***-specific exercises that could burn them all? :S
Some gys like big butts .But try cardio if you want a flat butt.
Fat ***,big butt and tired of it.?
ok it's a bit embarrassing but i must ask
i'm a guy, and my butt is a bit bigger than other guys(yeah people diss me about that ) [it has more fat probably ,not big wide-wise])
i'm not fat,nor skinny im 170 cm(5'6) and my weight is 64 kilos (141 pound i think)
i think i should inform you that i almost never worked out,had myself running/jogging in any way you can think of(soccer,basket ball etc)
just countless hours in front of the computer (even though its all bygones now)
i'm looking for an explanation but i can't find one..any suggestions of how to get rid of this "fat ***" will be appreciated

P.S - i'm doing it for myself,not for other people to stop joking about that.
thanks in advance :)
I really wouldn't worry about it, my husbands the same way. I happen to be very fond of my husband. ;) Especially there, that's my favorite part.

If you really wanted to, you could try doing some low squats, or some yoga for men stretches. I can't guarantee this, but I've heard kegels for men works. Whether or not it does work I'm not sure, but it does improve your sex life.

Good luck :)

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