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I have a question for blonde beautiful women?
Is it true that you ladies are mean, uneducated, rude and sexed?
Not at all. Most.. yes, but thats simply because most people that dye their hair blonde do it just because they want to be labeled in the ways that you just did. I however, have a 4.0 GPA in college, am a very nice person, and im not rude at all. Im not too sure what you mean by "sexed" though, so I really cant answer that haha. All girls (and guys) can be mean and rude if the situation calls for it, its not just a blonde thing.
Is anything wrong with me? I am only attracted to Beautiful blonde Women? Read below?
ok why am i only attracted to blonde girls? Is there anything worong with me?
if there was a beautiful(other than blonde girl) or a beautiful blonde i would rather pick blonde
i am asian with olive skin color i am real sexy
but is there anything wrong with me
all those people of other races like u like blondes coz there are no blonde people in ur country
i think its normal
Beautiful Blonde Women?
Can anyone give me some names of some beautiful blonde women? Even models.
well my name is Amber, and my nicknames r Aly, and Angel
Did hitler send all the blonde haired beautiful women to iceland, or is that just a rumor?
Just something I heard.
Are some white blonde/brunette/ beautiful women attracted to or willing to date a Latin/ Mexican delivery boy.
I've seen white beautiful women (rich
or poor) with asians, blacks, Indians, even mid eastern men weather immigrants or not but probably never with a stereotypical Latin/mexican delivery boy type even one who speaks English. Are they avoiding this type of men because of social norms but in reality they wouldn't mind being with one or is it something else? Mmmmmm!
That is an interesting point but does it not come back to how and around whom were you raised bye? I mean really I was raised my a Latino Father and Hawaiian/caucasian, but I mean I think if you re caucasian and have only seen hispanics when they were cleaning your room would you not see them differently?
What are your thoughts on blonde women and the blonde hairs on their body?
have you ever seen a beautiful blonde woman standing under the sunlight and see how the light just makes all the blonde hairs on her body visible, its like so totally cool

like jessica simpson for example, natural blonde with lots of blonde hairs, she would look terrific in the sunlight

the sun light make the blond hairs appear to be sparkling, like a goddess
Most blondes in the world are brunettes.
Why do I have such a weakness to beautiful blonde women?
I always wondered growing ever since was a young boy, why was I so uncontrollably attracted to blonde women. When a good looking blonde woman walks into a room I find I can't stop staring at her compared to me looking at other women they just don't appeal to me. There's just something about blondes but I can't put my finger on, do they give off some kind of hormone that makes a guy like me get really interested or are these that attractive. What is it about these women that makes them kryptonite to me I can't seem to understand? God I want to make out with a blonde chick so bad lol
To each his own.
Whcih pubs do young beautiful blonde women go in Marble Arch?
tell me the names, address if possible
No 5 Cavendish Square
Salt Whisky Bar
Scott's Restaurant & Bar
Why do blonde women think they are more beautiful than brunettes?
I think they are because blondes have big boobs and also look better. I see a lot of fat brunettes so that kills the attraction.
blonde is pretty:…
dark hair is sexy:…
Why are blonde women so beautiful ? What is the reason for that....?
Their face as white as snow brushing against their golden hair.......their small beautiful eyes shining like diamonds & their smile that would send us to Paradise.
brunettes are gorgeous too :)

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